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DACCO understands the need for quality hard parts in the transmission aftermarket. To meet this demand, DACCO is continuing to develop a superior hard parts remanufacturing division located in Cookeville, TN.

By utilizing with our core values of “Customer Driven, Employee Powered, and Quality Focused”, DACCO is utilizing several key Employees, with over 85 years of combined hard part remanufacturing experience, to lead the development of a superior product division.

From choosing the most popular hard parts to rebuild, to maintaining quality and precise final inspections, DACCO insures that the product will meet our customers quality and price expectations.

Reasons DACCO should be your hard parts supplier:

  • Over 700 complete transmission cores available for fast core retrieval
  • All cores are completely inspected prior to remanufacturing
  • Many processes are standard to the DACCO remanufacture process, as an example:
    • All bushings are replaced
    • Sealing ring grooves inspected, machined, and resleeved to industry standards as needed
    • All 350 pump body gear pockets inspected to insure proper sized gears are installed
    • All 350 pump body and gears are machined and new pump gears are installed and checked for clearances
    • Planetary washers replaced, pins and needle bearings inspected
    • All pump valves are removed, inspected, cleaned, and replaces as needed to insure industry standards
    • All parts are anti-rust coated prior to bagging and boxing
  • DACCO can supply all internal transmission componenets from the converter to the extension housing

How can you recieve your hard parts from DACCO?

  • Delivered directly from your DACCO route sales person
  • Delivered directly from one of forty nationally located DACCO stores
  • Shipped directly to you from Cookeville, TN
  • Same day shipping from Cookeville available on many parts, plus forty nationally located DACCO store locations

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